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About us

A uthentic Lifelong Discipleship & Mentoring

L oving Committed Family Church

I  ntentional Disciple-making Church

V ital Witness to Our Neighbours

E mpowering Mission to the Dalits & Beyond

our pastors:
Rev. Kim Voon Yee

Chinese Lead Pastor

Rev. Billy Chiew

English Lead Pastor

Billy was born in Malaysia and came to Canada at the age of 12. At 18, he left Canada and joined his family in Australia where his father was a missionary pastor to plant a church in Brisbane. Two years later, Billy and family moved to Vancouver where Billy began his theological studies at Northwest Baptist Theological College. Billy began his ministry as children pastor at New Life Lutheran Church, then God called him to be the youth pastor at Basel Hakka Lutheran Church. God is continued to refine Billy’s heart for ministry and called him to be the lead pastor at Vancouver Chinese Mennonite Church for next 16 years.

In God’s amazing providence, He called Billy back to Basel Hakka Lutheran Church in 2016 to be the lead pastor. Billy’s prayer and desire are to see believers called to be His church in the world and continue to be His voice in our community.

Billy is married to Linda for 16 years and has two wonderful children, Riley and Lauryn.

The History of Basel Hakka Lutheran Church

In 1982, a group of brothers and sisters had a vision of starting a Hakka church in Vancouver.  The first meeting was held at the basement of Brother Stephen Chong`s residence.  With God’s amazing guidance and grace, Basel Hakka Lutheran Church was founded. 

In 1985, after three years of using First Lutheran Church in Vancouver for Sunday services, BHLC Church building on Jackson Ave near Chinatown was purchased.  The congregation grew very quickly during the immigration rush from 1985-1995.

Seeing the increasing number of young people, who primarily speak only English, the church started the English service in 1992.  The English service grew rapidly and has great potential as more and more young people start to worship at BHLC.  Over the years, other ministries such as Faith Builders (formerly, Sunday School), Senior fellowship, Adult fellowship, Youth fellowship, Mandarin Ministry and Cell Groups were also established.  

In 2000, due to the growth of all the ministries, BHLC had a vision to expand its church building.  The Building Expansion Committee was formed in 2000 and pledging began in August 2002.  In 5 short years, sufficient money was raised to purchase the new church and education building.

In 2007, with the grace of God, and the unity and commitment of the congregation, BHLC was blessed with this present church building.  It is now BHLC’s ardent commitment to expand the kingdom of God in this Nanaimo vicinity and beyond for His glory.

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