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Faith Builders

Welcome to Kids Church, Faith Builders!

You will be grouped by age. There will be bible story times, crafts and games during session to help you grow in your faith with God and make healthy friendships to do life with you!

Sparks Junior

Ages 2-3

11:30 AM

Lower Ground Level (Library Room)

Parents are welcome to join this session


Ages 4-6

11:30 AM

Lower Ground Level



Ages 7-11

11:30 AM

Lower Ground Level (LOG Room)

Nursery Room

Parents with children below 2 years of age are welcome to use our nursery space available during the main service. The room has a view to the main service and is audio connected for you to 'remain' in the service!

Upper Level (Gallery)

For Inquiry/info

Contact Janice

Lovers of God (LOG)

If you are between ages 12-18, come join us for our youth gatherings!


10:00 AM (LOG Room)

Lower Ground Level

During the Week..

We meet Fridays for Worship Nights and Saturdays (Bi weekly) for Devo sessions and some fun activities like game nights and movie nights.

Email Janice for calendar info

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